April already!


Where has 2016 gone so far?

It’s been a busy year for Secret2media and looks like it’s set to continue through the rest of the year…no complaints here.

John Hurt signing Rogues GalleryI have said goodbye to Isle of Man Film Festival. I have loved working on the last two film festivals doing PR and whatever else was thrown my way, but there comes a time when you have to bow out and the moment now feels right. Hey, for me nothing can ever top meeting Sir John Hurt at last year’s festival! I wish them the very best for the coming year.

But onwards and upwards we go….

Cover shot

Having co-written a couple of corporate e-books in the past and edited numerous documents, brochures and journals, I have recently edited two novels and am currently working my way through the third. All written by Graham Hamer a Manx born author who’s written a series of books with a ‘Manx connection’ out now in paperback and available to download on Amazon.



Still continuing work in a marketing and operational capacity for a couple of local businesses and have a long term project with a multinational coming up which will see me take on another one or even two new staff members.

Hope everyone’s year is going well, stay positive.


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