Secret2media has developed and changed over the years to meet the needs of our varied client base.

PR, copywriters and editors with a strong business and marketing background.

We can do your Press Releases, Media Liaison, Compose web copy, run your blog or create a newsletter. Organise and oversee events, assist with marketing plans, manage B2B or B2C campaigns and so much more. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Often clients approach us thinking they just want help with their marketing planning or content management for website or social media for example and then realise that their website needs updating or their internal communications need looking at among other things and we are asked to stay on and assist.

Many businesses also utilise our Business Development and Operations experience asking us to assist with planning business growth or update/implement policies & procedures etc.

We here at Secret2media are more than happy to oversee and manage projects on an ad-hoc, project by project basis or integrate into your business as one of the team for long term projects.

Working with a cross-section of businesses from retail to media & film, healthcare, government, yacht management, third sector, arts and financial services.

Contact us to discuss your needs through our Contact page