What do we do?

What is PR?

PR utilises the art of Persuasion in Business. Wherever your audience is, such as within your business, in your local area or further afield PR can help to convince them to promote your idea, purchase your product, support your position through crisis management, or recognize your accomplishments.

PR people are storytellers. They create narratives to advance their agenda. PR is a great tool to get your business noticed using traditional print media and their digital formats and with the added use of social media, your business message can get out quicker, reach further and last longer in the public domain.

Services offered by Secret2media could be used to form a campaign that is unique to your business.


Press Liaison

One of the key benefits of working with Secret2media is access to our industry knowledge and our extensive database of media contacts. Secret2media will work with these contacts on your behalf to ensure regular coverage in all of the key industry publications.

Press Events

Secret2media has extensive experience in organising and managing events which range from small product launches which are aimed at specific members of the press to large conferences.

Our team can provide the following services:

  • Working with you to identify the key messages for delivery at the event.
  • Identifying the correct individuals to invite.
  • Hosting of members of the press at events.
  • Putting together a full press pack to issue on the day.
  • Putting together presentations and visual aids.
  • Venue finding and booking.
  • Liaison with the venue in the lead up to the event.
  • Full management of the event on the day.

Press Releases

Press releases are an integral part of any campaign and would be researched and written by Secret2media to provide a constant drip feed of your key messages to all of the relevant publications including on social media. With its real-time messaging, it will amplify your message, making it stronger and more impactful, longer lived, spread faster and reach further.

Social Media Management

Every business needs a coherent and clear message across all of it’s customer interactions. Secret2media can handle or advise on your message. We can even put ads/images together for you.

Internal Communications

Make your employees brand ambassadors. Secret2media can work with you and your teams to ensure they are informed engaged and really know what is going on in the company. Then they will become happier in their roles, loyal to the company and a more enthusiastic sales force.

Let’s work together.

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