Open your Facebook hidden message box

I know you must have all heard by now about the 2nd message box in your Facebook account. The one that is used by Facebook for your filtered messages. Well it is really important to take a few minutes to check it out. People can miss out on so many messages from perhaps people you’veContinue reading “Open your Facebook hidden message box”

Quality staff should have a voice

I went into an office a few days ago. The reception area was very obviously under major renovations, with carpets taken up, desks removed and sparse walls. I tentatively rang the bell unsure if it was actually open for business and was surprised to be greeted by a very helpful customer service person. To break the iceContinue reading “Quality staff should have a voice”

DIY or call in a professional?

DIY or call in a professional? Are you a small to medium sized business? Do you have a favourite magazine, newspaper or radio station? Are they the ones you choose to advertise with? Is that a good way to make those type of decisions? People often ask me about how best to market their company.Continue reading “DIY or call in a professional?”