Team introductions

Much of my time over the last few weeks has been taken up with promoting Isle of Man Film Festival 2014. The team coordinating the programme of events has been profiled over the last week, check out to see who’s involved. Later in the week I’ll be introducing the judges who have the difficult task ofContinue reading “Team introductions”

DIY or call in a professional?

DIY or call in a professional? Are you a small to medium sized business? Do you have a favourite magazine, newspaper or radio station? Are they the ones you choose to advertise with? Is that a good way to make those type of decisions? People often ask me about how best to market their company.Continue reading “DIY or call in a professional?”

Life of a local filmmaker

The beautiful Isle of Man has a thriving film industry and not just the huge budget Pinewood studios films either. Local filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers can learn alot here through numerous workshops such as those offered by Mannin Shorts. Rory Dorling won ‘Best of the Fest’ at Isle of Man Film Festival 2013 and continuesContinue reading “Life of a local filmmaker”